Using Amish Furniture in Children's Rooms

When you are ready to have a child one of the big decisions will be how to furnish their bedroom. Parents look forward to this moment and spend a lot of time planning the theme of the bedroom and finding furnishings that will compliment that theme. Chances are your child will be in this bedroom for quite a few years and it is important that you find furniture that will last more than a year or two.

At Westchester Woods we offer some tips for furnishing your child’s room with high quality, genuine hardwood Amish furniture.

Think Long-Term: Let your friends supply the short-term furnishings at the baby shower, but when you are planning the décor for a child’s bedroom, think long-term. Saving money on cheap furniture often means sacrificing quality and you don’t want chairs, tables and stools that can break and crash when your child is in the room. With authentic Amish wood furniture you can rest easy knowing the furnishings in your child’s bedroom is safe and built to last.

Room for Two: When you child is an infant or toddler, remember to include furniture for adults. One of the most popular furniture pieces for a child’s bedroom is a rocking chair and at Westchester Woods we carry a great selection of Boston and Windsor style Amish rocking chairs. Great for lulling your baby to sleep or reading to a toddler, these comfortable and durable rocking chairs will make bonding with your child even easier.

Get Rid of the Clutter: As any parent will tell you, keeping a child’s bedroom clean is a never-ending chore. Make it easier with high quality toy boxes, chests and storage pieces. We carry a great selection of Amish wood toy storage furniture that can be finished in the stain of your choice so you can easily match the piece to the theme of your child’s bedroom. Featuring convenient and easy-to-use lids, these toy chests and boxes will make cleaning up a cinch and will also add a stylish furniture piece to the bedroom.

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