Traditional vs Contemporary

Furnishing a home can be an exciting and exasperating task. Finding the right furniture that will express your individual personality, provide years of comfort and look stylish isn’t always easy. There are plenty of furniture styles on the market and choosing can be difficult. At Westchester Woods Furniture we make it easier by offering high quality real Amish wood furniture crafted from some of the most durable wood available including oak, cherry and maple. From living rooms and dining rooms to bedrooms and home offices, we have the right Amish made furniture to turn your home into a stylish showroom.

Traditional Décor

If your plan is to decorate your home in a traditional style, look no further than timeless Amish wood furniture. Crafted by skilled artisans using real quarter sawn oak, cherry and mapple wood, our dining room tables and chairs, bedroom beds and home office desks offer homeowners the quality they want and the style they deserve. Each piece can be custom finished with your choice of stain color to perfectly match existing wall and floor colors. Even with the latest high-tech stereo and television gear, your set up will look fantastic in a custom real Amish wood entertainment center that wraps your technology in warm and rustic wood. Make any room in your home a classic setting with real Amish wood furniture.

Contemporary Décor

But what if your home décor has a more contemporary feel? No worries. Amish furniture, particularly Mission and Shaker pieces, feature simple lines and a minimalist design that makes each a transitional piece that blends in perfect with glass, chrome and metal. Pairing a custom made Amish wood living room table with a black leather sofa creates a contemporary look that is both modern and warm. You can use Amish wood furniture in many contemporary settings including dining rooms, bedrooms and even entertainment rooms. Even better, the skilled craftsmanship that goes into real Amish wood furniture makes each piece incredibly durable so your room looks lasts.

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