Furnishing Living Rooms with Amish Furniture

Your living room is an important space. This room usually serves as a place to entertain guests, spend quality time with the family and relax after a long day. How you furnish your living room will not only say a lot about your character and lifestyle but will also determine how comfortable guests are when visiting.

At Westchester Woods Furniture we want your living room to be a place people look forward to being in so we offer some tips on how to furnish this room with authentic Amish wood furniture.

Choose your Theme: Furnishing a living room is not something you want to do on the fly. This room is far too important for a rushed job so it is recommended that you take your time and plan carefully to get the right theme. Whether you choose a traditional motif or more contemporary look, genuine Amish wood furniture is a solid option for creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Mixing & Matching: When you decorate with authentic Amish wood furniture there is often some mixing and matching involved. You’ll have your preferences for sofas, reclining chairs and love seats but these will need to be matched with genuine wood sofa tables, end tables and media centers. It’s important to find the right Amish tables that will coordinate well with your sofas and chairs as well as the choices you make for flooring and wall décor. Know the characteristics of McKenzie accent tables and Mission end tables so you can match up each with other living room furniture.

Stains & Finishes: The color scheme of your living room will have a lot to do in determining the mood of the room and the feel of the environment. From rich dark stains that create an air of decadent sophistication to light wood finishes that achieve a more casual feel, there are many color options for Amish furniture. Whether you choose oil or water based finishing you want to make sure the colors you pick flow seamlessly with the wall paint, lighting and flooring.

Visit Westchester Woods Furniture today and browse the full selection of Amish living room furniture in our 4,000 square foot showroom. At The Shops at Marlborough Barn.

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