Amish Furniture for Storage

If homeowner’s can agree on one thing it’s that there is never enough storage space. Over time we tend to collect quite a lot of stuff and once the closets, garage and attic are full it’s time to start thinking about durable storage furniture. But unlike the plastic bins you keep hidden in the basement, when you are furnishing a bedroom or pantry with a storage unit you want something that will be both durable and stylish.

At Westchester Woods Furniture we carry an amazing selection of cabinets, cupboards, cubbies and storage towers made from maple, oak and other fine hardwoods. With Amish furniture you not only add a functional piece to your room but one that has traditional style and can add to the décor of the room.

Your home reflects your unique lifestyle and storage furniture should not be an afterthought. When you have carefully planned the look of a bedroom or living room the last thing you want is an out-of-place plastic tub holding your belongings. Storing items in your home does not have to mean sacrificing style. Browse our online showroom and see how beautiful storage units can be.

The Maryanne Sit n’ Store is a gorgeous storage unit that will compliment any traditional or modern home. Available in maple or oak and with a wide variety of finishing and staining options, this multi-functional storage unit can be used to store just about any household item. The design of this unit can be changed to suit your space and tastes. Add Seagrass baskets for the top shelves and create a practical storage unit that will last.

Another great storage idea is our Gelsomina cubbies. Also available in maple or oak wood, these cubbies can be purchased in any amount you need with each individual piece weighing only 1 lb. Be creative by stacking and arranging these cubbies in pantries, foyers and hallways to keep your rooms tidy and neat. Choose a stain and finish that best suits your needs and style and you’ll have a storage unit that not only looks great but also stands up to the tests of time.

Come in to Westchester Woods Furniture today and browse our 4,000 square foot showroom and see for yourself why homeowners in Connecticut choose us for their home décor needs.

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