Amish Dining Room Furniture

Dining rooms have the capability of being the most used rooms in a home or the most un-used. Some homeowners reserve this special room for certain occasions such as holidays an, birthdays and anniversaries and will use the kitchen for everyday meals. Others will fully utilize their dining room throughout the year and may only add to the décor when special events come around.

At Westchester Woods Furniture we know how important it is to have the right furnishings in your dining room to reflect your personal taste, continue the theme flowing through the rest of the home and to be ready when the whole family is gathered for dinner or invited guests stop by for a formal occasion.

If you need help in furnishing your dining room with authentic Amish wood furniture, follow some helpful tips from Westchester Woods Furniture.

Shaker Tables: One of the more popular styles of Amish furniture is the Shaker style. Similar to Mission style furniture, Shaker can trace its roots back to early American history. Shakers were a group of early Christian settlers know for their work ethic and this is reflected in the style of Shaker tables that feature simple yet elegant designs, straight lines and a softened rustic appearance. We strongly suggest anchoring your dining room with a simple yet sturdy Shaker style dining table that can be stained or finished and stained in the color of your choice.

Shape & Style: When choosing an Amish table for your dining room, decide if you want a round of rectangular shaped table. Most Shaker style tables come in round or rectangular shapes and depending on the size of your room and the angle of its corners, you will have to make an important decision. Whether you choose round or rectangle, you still get a simple yet classic Amish style furniture piece that is designed to stand the test of time and give your family and guests a dining surface that is timeless and elegant.

The Right Color: Never underestimate the power of color when it comes to furnishing your rooms. Color can play a big part in whether or not people feel comfortable in your dining room or if they feel uneasy. Choosing the right color has a lot to do with the mood you want to create as well as the look of the room. The dining table and chairs need to be stained and finished in a manner that matches the other furniture and creates a seamless flow into the adjacent rooms.

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